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When Do Babies Sleep Through the Night?

When do babies sleep through the night” was the question I constantly asked parents of young children.  I never got the same answer from anyone.  I felt a little lost, like there was something I was supposed to do, I just wasn’t sure what that was.  Because of these questions that I struggled with, I started katesmom to share what I have learned.

My daughter just started sleeping through the night, boy do I feel like we just won the lottery!  It took 10 months to get to this point!  By all accounts, she should have started sleeping through the night long ago, but it just seemed like she was hungry, so I kept getting up to feed her.

My husband and I got it to the point where she would drink a full bottle right before bed (somewhere between 6 and 8 ounces), and then she would get up once, maybe twice a night to eat.  She never fussed and drank her bottle down and went right back to sleep, hence my belief that she was hungry and not trying to work me over.  According to her doctor, I was naïve.

She rarely drinks formula during the day (but gets plenty of water so I don’t worry about her liquid intake) and has been eating mostly “people” food for a couple of months now.  When I took Kate for her 9 month appointment I again asked, “when do babies sleep through the night”.  I was told that once she starts eating so much table food, there is no reason for her to be getting up to eat during the night.  I was promised that within a week or two of me letting her cry it out at night, she would learn to sleep.  I waited until the weekend to start our little experiment and hoped for the best.

When Can I Stop Asking, “When Do Babies Sleep Through the Night”?

The first night she cried at 1am and I went into her room, soothed her by rubbing her back and giving her a pacifier (I highly recommend the MAM pacifier) and left.  She cried.  I waited 5 minutes and repeated the process.  I did pick her up to try and soothe her better, put her back in her crib and waited.  She cried.  I waited 10 minutes, and repeated the process.  We did this for about an hour and a half, and then she fell asleep out of exhaustion and she was out until morning.

Not bad I thought.  The next night was better.  I probably only had 45-50 minutes of soothing.  And the next night I didn’t hear a peep.  She had finally slept through the night!

Now she wakes every couple of nights, mostly because she can’t find her pacifier and needs a little help (and sometimes a quick hug).  But I feel like we passed a significant milestone.  You’ll get there too!  It feels like it is never going to happen, and it is awful listening to your baby cry (I definitely recommend going back in to check; I know some parents who will not go back in and that would make me too nervous, plus I wanted my daughter to know that I would come when she needed me, but that I meant business about her sleeping), but it does.  Thank goodness!

Pretty Soon You Too Can Stop Asking, “When Do Babies Sleep Through the Night?”


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