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How to Swaddle a Baby for a Better Sleep

Swaddle a baby, Baby Burrito

You may have heard parents refer to the practice of swaddling a baby, and you may be wondering how to swaddle a baby correctly.  While you are in the hospital during the recovery from birth, ask one of the nurses to show you how to swaddle a baby to keep them from breaking the swaddle and interrupting both theirs and your sleep.  My husband and I found that some nurses preferred to swaddle one way and others another.  You will find a technique for how to swaddle a babythat works best for you.  But also keep in mind that every baby is different and may want to be swaddled a little differently.


How to Swaddle a Baby: Tips and Benefits

Practicing how to swaddle a baby correctly can help prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) because it helps baby sleep in a more stable condition.  It can also soothe and comfort a baby because it imitates being confined and cozy inside their mother’s womb.

Some babies like to be swaddled with their hands very close to their mouth.  Doing so allows them easy access to suck on their hands and feel their hands on their face, adding to their sense of security.  You may or may not want to learn how to swaddle a baby in this fashion based on whether or not you want your baby to have access to his or her hands.

Babies are not allowed to have loose blankets in their cribs until they are older and it’s considered safe.  However, it is important that babies remain warm throughout his or her naptime and bedtime if he or she is going to have a restful sleep.  Learning how to swaddle a baby will give them the extra warmth they need to sleep soundly, improving both their quality of sleep and yours.

As our baby got older, she regularly began breaking out of her swaddle.  We knew how to swaddle a baby, but it just didn’t seem to work anymore because all of the receiving blankets we found were too short for her growing body.  There is a Halo sleepsack designed with a built in swaddle available for those infants that continually break out of their receiving blanket swaddle, but still want the comfort of being wrapped in one.  We started using this item too late with our daughter for her to take to it properly.  She was used to being able to break out of her swaddle and did not enjoy being velcroed in.  However, we started using this product much earlier with our second daughter and she absolutely loves it.  If it’s an item you want your child to use, I would recommend beginning to use it much earlier than we did (we started trying at about 3 months).  Learning how to swaddle a baby is important, but so is deciding what type of swaddle you want your baby to use.

Discover How to Swaddle a Baby that Works for You!

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